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Global No.1 Smelter One Team, One Voice, One Future We at LS MnM Inc. take pride in our world-class technology and quality,
producing electrolytic copper precious and rare metals,
thus contributing to the global economy.
Building on 80's of
History for the Great Centuries Ahead
Anniversary 1936 - 2016 We celebrate our 80th anniversary in 2016.
Our tireless innovation and value creation
enable us to look to the great centuries ahead.
Greater Value Together Greater Value Together: LSpartnership LS MnM Inc. bases its operations on mutual respect, consideration and trust,
interacting with the community of its customers and
creating greater value as a corporate citizen.
Life-Friendly Technology LS MnM Inc.'s technologies are all around you The electrolytic copper and state-of-the-art materials we produce
are widely used in the electronics, telecommunication and energy fields
that affect each and every one of us.

Global NetworkLS MnM vision for networking

  • Materials transactions areas
  • Business transactions areas
  • Mining investment areas
  • Overseas branches
Canada USA California Mexico Panama Brazil Peru Bolivia Chile Argentina UK Germany Belgium Switzerland Bulgaria Republic of South Africa Japan China Shanghai Taiwan UAE Pakistan Hong Kong India Philippines Malaysia Indonesia Papua New Guinea Australia Tonga

Metal Price 당사와 국제 금속가격에 대한 정보입니다.

최근당사 고시가격

최근당사 고시가격 더보기
최근당사 고시가격
METAL 고시가격 기준일
전기동(원/톤) 9,979,000 2011/09/01
금(원/g) 65,540 2011/09/26
은(원/g) 1,289 2011/09/26
백금(원/g) 63,618 2011/09/26
파라듐(원/g) 25,139 2011/09/26


최근국제고시가격 더보기
METAL 고시가격 기준일
Cooper ($/MT) 9,979,000 2011/09/01
Gold ($/Toz) 65,540 2011/09/26
Silver ($/Toz) 1,289 2011/09/26
Plutinum ($/Toz) 63,618 2011/09/26
Palladium ($/Toz) 25,139 2011/09/26